iDen & Quanjude Beijing Duck House, Vancouver

one of the most famous Chinese fine dining restaurant known for it’s Peking roast duck and its long-standing culinary heritage since establishment in 1864. 

The only Michelin Star Chinese Restaurant in Canada.


Valentine's Day Tasting Menu & Wine Pairing

May Our Special Valentine’s day dishes bring you to your heart center and remind you of true love; indulge and vibrate in love on this special day as you dine with us. Join us and experience our passion while you celebrate yours. Featuring luxury crafted and carefully selected food and wine especially for Valentine’s day.

  • the technique of Quanjude hanging oven roast duck was named as China intangible cultural heritage in 2008.
  • Arriving from Beijing in 2019, Quanjude set to open a Flagship Fine dining restaurant iDen & Quanjude in Vancouver.
  • Receive its First Michelin star in 2022, when the Michelin guide First time landed to Vancouver, Canada.

Beijing Roast Ducks Served in iDen & Quanjude


Steamed Dungeness BC Crab in 20 Years Huadiao Wine


Smoked Five Spice Venison


Fifteen-Head Size Dried Yoshihama Abalone


Chicken Soba Noodle in Chili Sauce


Diced Sweet Persimmon Salad


White Radish With Crispy Scallop in ‘Feicui’ Broth


Palace Style Braised Min Fish Maw With Golden Broth


Steamed Lobster With Egg White In Shaoxing Wine Sauce.


Palace Style Braised Min Fish Maw With Golden Broth